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In an ever changing market, asset owners face the constant challenge of meeting current service demands, optimising performance, minimising risk and controlling expenditure over the full life cycle of their assets.

Reliable, insightful and timely information

Whether you are a facility manager, public asset owner or private portfolio executive, our role is to work with you to share our comprehensive knowledge to give you tools, processes or applications to protect, manage and leverage your assets. We help you manage your risk in investment decisions by creating stronger and more successful business cases.

We combine operations know-how with technology solutions to drive capital and operating expenditure down and reduce the time and resources on maintenance. We focus on the whole lifecycle of your assets, as well as the strategies and technologies used to extend asset life.

Using modern information methodologies (such as BIM and GIS) we advise not only on your existing assets, but inform the design of new and proposed assets with regards to budgeting, space planning, functionality, commissioning, performance optimisation, and energy usage.

A cohesive, comprehensive approach

Depending on your requirements, we can provide both on-site and off-site capabilities to deliver shutdown support, sustaining capital works, mechanical and electrical overhauls, and component manufacturing and fabrication.

Whether you are commencing your asset management journey, or have a high degree of maturity, our practical advice and services enables you to optimise systems and create value from your portfolios. 

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