Kilcoy Water Main Augmentation

Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU)

Kilcoy, Queensland, Australia

Water mains from Seqwater’s Saleyard Reservoirs in Kilcoy required augmentation to meet the Queensland Government’s standards of service for fire flow. Our team was contracted to design, construct, test and commission the required pipework.

Kilcoy Water Main

A new water treatment plant had recently been built by Seqwater in the south of Kilcoy, replacing the Wade Street plant, which had supplied town water via a booster pump station to the Kilcoy High Level Zone. The new plant supplies water to the three Saleyard Reservoirs. Twin 150mm diameter trunk water mains from the reservoirs follow Saleyard Road to the D’Aguilar Highway, where they branch to supply Kilcoy Township and the Kilcoy Pastoral Company.

Kilcoy Water Main

Benefitting the client, community and environment

A positive working relationship was established between our crew, Somerset Regional Council and QUU from the beginning of the project and facilitated a number of successful outcomes, including:

  • Works were completed on schedule, to a high standard, and with minimum impact on the community.
  • The increased connection size at the Saleyard Reservoirs yielded a maximum flow of 60L, well in excess of the required 55L.
  • Diona, in consultation with QUU, developed a commissioning plan allowing uninterrupted water supply to the town during the works, despite the sole water supply having to be isolated during the final connections.
Kilcoy Water Main

Kilcoy Water Main





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