#HANDSUP Mental Health Awareness

G&S Engineering have released their second film aiming to raise awareness around mental illness. The #HANDSUP campaign is focused around the mental wellbeing of employees, their friends and family members, encouraging people to take that first step in talking about how they are feeling.

Through sharing our own experiences, talking more openly, we can start to break the stigma associated with mental illness empowering more people to seek help and reach out to those around them.  

Leading From the Front

Earlier this year, G&S received the Leading from the Front Award for the #HANDSUP initiative at the Resource Industry Network Chairman's Awards. Thank you to the brave individuals who shared their stories to raise awareness of mental health and made #HANDSUP possible. #endthestigma #changelives #courageiscontagious

You can view the #HANDSUP videos below.

"Join us on the Journey" is the second short film in G&S Engineering's #HANDSUP initiative.

"I Know Someone" is the first short film in G&S Engineering's #HANDSUP initiative.

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